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Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant


Universal Compatibility Universal Compatibility: Works with virtually all programs.
Typing Assistant seamlessly integrates with all popular programs on MS Windows, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Notepad, UltraEdit, WordPad, ICQ Messenger, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, commonly used web browsers, etc.

Note: Please note that Microsoft Edge web browser is an exception and Typing Assistant can't work in it. Except for this application, Typing Assistant works well in all other web browsers and document editors.

Wide language support Wide language support: Supports 50+ languages.
Typing Assistant supports most languages of the world except several East Asian languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Word Prediction Word Prediction: Predicts the words you intend to type in order to speed up your typing and help your spelling.
Typing Assistant integrates a word prediction feature. It predicts the word you are typing by spelling and frequency, and updates this prediction as the word is typed. Furthermore, the basic prediction dictionary can be altered to different languages. Even if you are already an excellent typist, you can type even faster and more accurately with this word prediction feature.

Auto-Complete Auto-Complete: Completes text input automatically to save keystrokes.
Like many web browsers or source code editors, Typing Assistant completes the predicted text automatically. This feature is available in any Windows program when Typing Assistant is running.

Auto-Learn Auto-Learn: Learns unknown and recently typed words to speed up repetitive typing tasks.
If you type a word that not in the dictionary (e.g. your name, your address, or a long string such as "m_strUserName"), Typing Assistant will learn the word. The next time you begin to type it, the word will be predicted.

Typing Assistant learns all the words you type and is invaluable in any repetitive typing task. As its Auto-Learn vocabulary list grows, its functionality and accuracy increase correspondingly.

Auto-Correct Auto-Correct: Corrects spelling mistakes automatically in any program.
For example, if you type "abbout", Typing Assistant will correct it to "about" automatically. Typing Assistant can extract Auto-Correct entries from Microsoft Word.

Auto-Screen Auto-Screen: Acquires screen context by OCR to promote prediction accuracy.
During typing, Typing Assistant acquires words and phrases of your screen context by Optical Character Recognition, then provides typing predictions accordingly.

Auto-Expand Auto-Expand: Expands abbreviations to full text in any program.
You can define shorthand shortcuts and abbreviations, for example, when you type "usa", Typing Assistant can auto-expand it to the full text: United States of America. Thus with one key stroke (ENTER – the default hotkey), a full text replaces your abbreviation. You can quickly define multiple abbreviation entries yourself and have them automatically replace anything, such as phrases, tradenames, people's names---anything you wish.

Typing Assistant can expand your abbreviation to whole paragraphs, and unicode characters are fully supported in the full text!

Auto-Clipboard Auto-Clipboard: Access clipboard history quickly.
Typing Assistant automatically caches previous clipboard contents and provides quick access to them.

Auto-Launch Auto-Launch: Launch frequently used applications/files/folders conveniently.
Typing Assistant provides you a quick way to launch any application, file or folder in your computer.

Spell Checking Spell Checking: Beeps on misspelled words.
When you type a word for the first time which is not in the Dictionaries, Typing Assistant can warn you with a beep.

Configurable Dictionary Configurable Profile: User can switch between profiles for different language typing.
When user change the profile, the Basic/Auto-Learn/Auto-Correct dictionaries are switched automatically. This is designed for different language typing. User can also download and set a general or professional dictionary file as the basic dictionary. The basic dictionary files can be downloaded freely on our web site.

Wide Adaptability Wide Adaptability: Quick settings for both fast typist and hunt-and-peck typing.
Both fast typist and hunt-and-peck typing can benefit from this program if the settings are properly customized.

Security Security: Never collects or leaks your information.
Typing Assistant never connects to the Internet in background, then don't worry about the leak of your information. All data is stored in your computer, and the main dictionary files are encrypted.

Portable Portable Version: Runs from DropBox or USB stick to keep data synchronization on different computers.
We provide Typing Assistant in a portable version. You can run it from cloud synchronization folders(such as DropBox, etc) or USB stick to keep data synchronization on different computers.

Easy to use Easy to use: Use your computer as usual, and the whole process will be mastered in five minutes.
There is no training or learning curve with this software. You simply use your computer as usual and Typing Assistant helps with your typing automatically. The whole process is mastered in five minutes, and it will save you hours of work and needless effort.


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Typing Assistant supports languages of English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, .....
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