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Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant

About Us

Sumit Software Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006. We are committed to developing high performance software with the best services for customers. All kinds of suggestions and opinions are welcome.

About Typing Assistant

We develop Typing Assistant because of the need in our work initially, but afterwards we find it satisfying the requirements of many people who need text input frequently. We are ambitious to developing this software as the best text input aid utility in the world.

Need to call us?
We prefer you can contact us in English by email. You can also email us to get our phone number if you need, but be sure you can endure our broken English:)

Interesting Testimonials

Interesting Testimonials

Typing Assistant - Word Prediction - Text Expander
Typing Assistant supports languages of English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, .....
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