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Get Typing Assistant from CNET!
Get Typing Assistant from CNET!

Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant
Typing Assistant

Typing Assistant predicts and auto-completes your frequently used words and phrases anywhere. This makes typing faster, more intelligent and reduces effort.

Typing Assistant predicts your frequently used text Expand abbreviations to full text Access clipboard history quickly Launch applications, files or folders conveniently
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(2015-07-26 released)
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Supported OS:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
(32/64 bit)

Key Features

Universal Compatibility Universal Compatibility: Works with virtually all programs on MS Windows.

Word Prediction Word Prediction: Predicts the words you intend to type in order to speed up your typing and/or help your spelling.

Auto-Complete Auto-Complete: Completes text input automatically to save keystrokes.

Auto-Correct Auto-Correct: Corrects spelling mistakes automatically in any program.

Auto-Expand Auto-Expand: Expands abbreviations to full text in any program, like AutoText feature in MS Word.

Auto-Clipboard Auto-Clipboard: Accesses clipboard history quickly.

Auto-Launch Auto-Launch: Launches frequently used applications/files/folders conveniently.

Spell Checking Spell Checking: Beeps on misspelled words.

Configurable  Dictionary Configurable Profile: User can switch between profiles for different language typing.

Wide Adaptability Wide Adaptability: Quick settings for both fast typist and hunt-and-peck typing.

Portable Portable Version: Runs from DropBox or USB stick to keep data synchronization on different computers.

Security Security: Never collects or leaks your information.

Easy to use Easy to use: Use your computer as usual and the whole process is mastered in 5 minutes.

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Whom Is Typing Assistant For?

Easy to use Typing Assistant has two running modes: Skilled Typist Mode and Unskilled Typist Mode. Click here to see how to switch between them.

Typing Assistant - Skilled Typist Mode For users such as translators, typists, secretaries, journalists, authors, writers, document creators, programmers, etc.

Typing Assistant - Unskilled Typist Mode For users such as students with spelling challenges, foreign language beginners, people with physical disability, etc.

Easy to use Configure Profile for different language typing. Click here to see how to switch the profile.

What is Word Prediction Software?
Word prediction software is a program that improves a user's typing speed and accuracy by "predicting" and "auto-completing" words the user intends to type. Most word prediction software works in all applications, such as a word processor or a web browser. How can word prediction software guess words for the user? Usually it has a basic vocabulary that the suggested words are based on. But a good word prediction software is smarter. It will learn from the user's typing history, predicting words on the basis of frequency and recent use. The self-learning function makes word prediction increasingly intelligent as you continue to use the program! After a while, the desired word will usually appear as the first (or second) choice. The user can even import a vocabulary to suit his special needs. Thus, our word prediction system speeds typing even for the experienced typist, as well as eliminating any doubts about spelling.

Typing Assistant - Word Prediction - Text Expander
Typing Assistant supports languages of English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, .....
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