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Upgrading Instructions

Upgrading from a previous version is very easy, please do the following:

Upgrade from 5.0 or higher

Step1: Run Typing Assistant old version and export all profile data to a single file(*.ta) from Data Import/Export.
If you use several profiles, you should export them separately.

Step2: Uninstall Typing Assistant old version and install Typing Assistant new version.

Step3: Run Typing Assistant new version and import the profile data(*.ta).
If you need to import several profiles, you should switch the profile and import separately.
(In most cases, Typing Assistant can automatically import the data from its old version in the first running of its new version, then you can ignore Step3 if the data is already imported.)

Upgrade from 4.x or lower

Step1: Uninstall Typing Assistant previous version. After uninstalled, the Auto-Learn, Auto-Expand, Auto-Clipboard and Auto-Launch dictionary files(AutoLearn.lib, Shorthand.lib, etc) will be reserved automatically which can be reused in the new version. To see where those dictionary files are stored, please visit FAQ >> No.12

Step2: Install Typing Assistant new version, then import the dictionary files(*.lib) from "Custom Settings --> Data Import/Export --> Import to current profile".
see demo