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Registration Information

Evaluation period

You can evaluate all the features and functions of Typing Assistant for 45 days free of charge.

After 45 days, Typing Assistant will continue to run but with limitations, you will not be able to load the Auto-Learn, Auto-Screen and Auto-Expand dictionaries when you launch the program, and can not save those dictionaries when you exit the program. If you wish to continue to enjoy the full functions after the evaluation period, you need to become a registered user.

Computer-based license

Note: We change the license mode from user-based license to computer-based license from Typing Assistant 8.0.

Life-time licenses

You purchase Typing Assistant once and use it life-time. There are no annual or renewal fees. All minor updates are free. Major upgrades (e.g. from version 3 to version 4) are not free.

How to Register?

Registering Typing Assistant is quick and easy. Simply click Buy Now to purchase securely online.

Registered users advantages:

Typing Assistant45-day trial limit is removed.
Typing Assistant2 years online technical support.
Typing AssistantPersonal product update notifications.
Typing AssistantFree for minor upgrades.