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Hot Keys

You can easily modify the default hotkeys in Typing Assistant:

Typing Assistant Hot Keys

Auto-Complete by:
Set the hotkey for word auto-complete.

Select and Complete by Index:
Select and Complete word by Main Digits(1-0) or function keys F1-F10.

Add Selected Word/Phrase to Auto-Learn Dictionary:
Select a word or phrase, and press this hotkey to collect it to Auto-Learn dictionary.

Add Selected Text to Auto-Clipboard Dictionary:
Select some text, and press this hotkey to cache it to Auto-Clipboard dictionary.

Enable/Disable Typing Assistant:
Set the hotkey to Enable or Disable Typing Assistant.

Enable/Disable Typing Assistant in Application Window:
Set the hotkey to Enable or Disable Typing Assistant for the focus application window.

Show Dictionaries:
Show suggestion window of Auto-Expand, Auto-Clipboard and Auto-Launch. You can even set a hotkey for alternate show.

Other hotkey:
Set other hotkeys.