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Auto-Screen Dictionary

You can fine tune the Typing Assistant auto screen OCR function:


Enable in real-time suggestion window:
Tick the check box to activate screen OCR automatically during typing. The text acquired from screen OCR will be used to promote the prediction accuracy.

Min string length to OCR:
Set the minimum length of words to be cached from OCR text. There is no need to cache very short words.

NOTE: If you set the value to Typing Assistant, this means no words will be cached, but the existing entries can still be used for prediction.

Max num of items in dictionary:
Set the Max Auto-Screen words number to cache.  

OCR language:
Set languages for OCR processing.

Edit/Delete Auto-Screen item:
If an item is OCRed by mistake, you can edit or delete it here.

Screen OCR (Hotkey):
Press the predefined hotkey to activate screen OCR. This hotkey is defined at "HotKeys" page.

NOTE: Auto-Screen dictionary includes words and phrases acquired from the context window you typed recently. We get those text by Optical Character Recognition technique. So there may be misspelled words in this dictionary because of OCR fault. You can disable this dictionary by uncheck the option "Enable in real-time suggestion window" at the top of this page.